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Beijing AS beauty Co., Ltd is located in Beijing , China . Developing and produce beauty equipment with 7 years export experience . Doing business with friends from all over the world sincerity. In 2008, allocated the Institute of China for light-based laser. In 2010, set up Technology (China) Co., Ltd with more than 3000m2 manufacturing facility. In 2013, launched the diode laser and unique cooling tip .

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Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine Slimming

The laser produced by this Cavitation RF Lipo Laser Machine Slimming uses laser energy to penetrate the skin safely and painlessly and target specific fat cells instead of painful incisions. It is through this targeted process that the...


Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine

This non-invasive technique of cosmetic equipment, no needles, no incisions, no need for anesthesia, and no recovery time. Patients usually resume normal activities on the same day. This is a good option for patients seeking...


Portable Coolsculpting Machine

This Portable Coolsculpting Machine uses freezing technology to lose weight. This technique allows the subcutaneous fat tissue to have an instantaneous temperature between -60 ° C and -100 ° C. The fat cells that are transiently frozen...


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Most of the energy of ordinary laser hair removal instruments is concentrated on the first pulse, an

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For the girl who loves beauty, the body hair of the arms and calves has become a heart disease of on

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We all know that there are many traditional methods of hair removal, such as scorpion plucking, waxi


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