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5 big questions about laser hair removal
- Jul 17, 2018 -

In the summer, I believe that hair removal is one of the main projects in the store of the small masters. When customers don't understand the laser hair removal, they will ask some questions and ask if they are speechless. Let's let Xiaobian take you to sum up some of the questions that customers will ask before hair removal!

1. The target tissue of laser hair removal is the hair matrix. Through the principle of light and heat, the selective thermal coagulation of the hair matrix and the dermal papilla achieve the effect of hair removal. We usually use the sweat glands to perspire. The main opening of the small sweat gland is The surface of the skin is not the same opening as the hair follicle, so laser hair removal does not affect perspiration.

2. Can not be removed at one time, hair has three growth cycles, respectively, growth period, regression period and stationary period.

The principle of laser hair removal is that the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair matrix, and the hair matrix transfers heat to the dermal papilla, and finally the hair is shed. The melanin content in the hair matrix of the growing period is the most, and it is easy to produce thermal coagulation, so the growth period is Hair is most likely to fall off, while the hair matrix in the degenerative and stationary hairs has very little melanin content, is not easy to absorb light, can not produce thermal coagulation, and the hair can not be removed, so the hair needs to be removed several times.

3. When the laser hair removal device is used for hair removal, the light passes through the epidermis and the dermis and is intercepted by two “mountain kings”. The first mountain king is the melanin in the epidermis, and the second mountain king is the leather nipple capillary. Intravascular hemoglobin, the two kings absorb light, generate heat and transfer heat to the nerve endings, resulting in a slight tingling and thermal sensation. However, while we are treating, the device is equipped with a skin cooling technology, which not only protects the safety of the epidermis, but also makes the light work better on the deep target tissue (hair nipple). At the same time, the feeling of chilling will greatly enhance the comfort of the customer.

4. Body odor is because the secretions of apocrine glands in the armpits are excreted, and the odor generated by bacterial decomposition. If you have more hair under your arm, it will be more likely to breed bacteria. After taking off, it will not only reduce the growth of bacteria, but also improve the excessive perspiration caused by sultry heat, lower the temperature and reduce the amount of sweat, thus reducing the symptoms of body odor.

5. After the laser hair removal, the skin will be slightly reddened and feverish, and some scattered red papules will appear. After a few hours, it will disappear, which will not affect the normal work and life. Without knowing it, the hair will disappear.

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