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How is laser hair removal achieved?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

We know that light has wavelengths, the longer the wavelength, the deeper the depth of the penetrating material. Different materials have different light absorption efficiencies for different wavelengths. Therefore, scientists have found a suitable wavelength range (600-1100 nm), which allows the laser to penetrate into the depth of the hair follicle and absorb the most laser energy from melanin. .

In this way, the energy of the laser can reach the vicinity of the hair follicle, and the melanin in the hair absorbs a large amount of energy, and the temperature rises sharply, thereby causing destruction of the hair follicle tissue and removal of the hair.

In this process, the hair follicle melanin absorbs most of the energy, so the energy is diffused to the surrounding skin tissue is relatively low, during the treatment, the skin has almost no special discomfort, the skin surface is not obvious before and after surgery The difference is that there is no need to "stop work" to rest.

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