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How many times does laser hair removal take place?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

In order to achieve a good hair removal effect, 4 to 6 laser hair removals are required.

Since hair growth is in the growth phase, quiescent phase and degenerative phase, a single laser treatment is only effective for those hair follicles in the growth phase (high melanin content, high target color base), and degenerative and stationary phases. Hair follicles have very little melanin content, and the laser only works when these hairs are transferred to the growing phase (which often takes 2 to 4 months).

Therefore, laser hair removal requires multiple times (usually 4 to 6 times) to ensure the therapeutic effect. The interval between treatments is preferably 1 month, and it can be re-treated when more hair development is found.

However, some friends have 6 new hairs.

At this time, it is necessary to see that the newly grown hair is the "stiffness" of the final hair, or the soft and fine "hairs" on the baby's skin.

If it is the former, you need to continue treatment - no way, this only means that there are hair follicles that have just entered the growing season; if it is the latter, then it is generally believed that "bristles" is already the end of treatment, such hair melanin content Less, the response to the laser is poor, and it is of little significance to continue treatment.

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