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Is laser removal effective for tattooing?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

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Tattoos are a permanent piece of art. However, tattooers often don’t think so much when they are tattooing. Under the impulse, they donate their skin. However, not long after, many tattooers regret it. Either the tattoo pattern is not selected, or the position of the tattoo is not enough. There are many people who want to remove the tattoo. As everyone knows, the tattoo can be easily removed. You should kill this idea from the first shot. Off, but someone really wants to get rid of the tattoo, what should I do?

So the current popular laser treatment method has begun to remove tattoos. However, this method takes a long time and is expensive. It is not the cost of energy for civilians. If you don't believe it, here's a good example:

Depending on the tattoo pattern, the effect of laser tattoo removal varies from person to person. The sharper the contrast between the tattoo color and the skin color, the easier it is to remove the tattoo. For example, for people with a fairer complexion, the black tattoo pattern is the easiest to remove, and for those fluorescent colors, especially green and purple, it is almost impossible to remove. Foreign tattooer Frank said, "I would advise them not to try to remove the tattoos with these colors. If you want to remove the tattoo, it is best to cover another tattoo to cover it." Tattoo designs are also easy to remove because the tattoo pattern is very similar to the old tattoo pattern, and the pattern is more likely to fade. According to tattooist Frank, tattooers have to undergo laser treatment for 5 to 12 times if they want to remove the tattoo by laser. And after each laser treatment, you have to wait a month to start the next treatment, so the process of removing tattoos can only be done six times a year.

For the 24-year-old tattooer, Tricia, the road is very long to get rid of the tattoo and restore it to its original beauty. In May 2009, she came to an orthopedic hospital in Polis, Indiana, to ask the hospital how to remove the tattoo. The tattoo was on her back and was tattooed when she was 19 years old. "Because I need it. I participated in various activities and organizations in the university, so I began to realize how big the mistake was with this tattoo mark," she said. "I didn't feel proud of it, but thought about hiding her." Her doctor predicted Road, she needs 20 laser operations - more than others, because her tattoo pattern is too complex. The entire process will cost thousands of dollars.

Laser tattoo removal can be painful. In the first few days after treatment, the skin at the treatment site looks a bit like a burn. "I have not been to hell, but during my treatment, I swear I am really in hell." Teresia said that now is her sixth treatment. “It feels like the burning Mars and rubber bands are slapping. So far, this is the most painful feeling since I grew up. In addition to the pain, the noise of laser treatment sounds a bit like batter in a frying pan. ."

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