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It is necessary to pay attention to hair removal in summer. These four types of people are not suitable for laser hair removal!
- Jul 17, 2018 -

It is worth noting that due to the quality of machine equipment and professional operation, the laser hair removal effect is highly differentiated, and some wrong operations may even cause skin damage and erosion. Therefore, it is recommended that citizens in need should choose a regular hospital consulting professional doctor and technician to choose the laser hair removal program that suits them.

Can't laser after skin has been injured

Laser hair removal can achieve permanent goals, however, not everyone is suitable for this treatment.

There are four types of people who are not suitable for taking laser hair removal:

1. The skin is damaged or has a skin tumor

2. Taking oral photosensitive drugs

3. Pregnant women

4. Just after the sun exposure.


The principle of laser hair removal is mainly based on the principle of selective photothermal action. In the hair follicles and hair shafts, there is usually a rich amount of melanin. When using laser treatment, the temperature of the melanin absorbs the laser energy and the temperature rises sharply. It causes damage to the hair follicle tissue and does not regenerate long hair, thus achieving permanent hair removal. If it is after exposure, the pigmentation of the skin of the body is too deep, which may cause skin burns in laser treatment.

The doctor reminded that each person's skin color, water content, hemoglobin amount, stratum corneum thickness, hair characteristics are not the same, so the laser scheme is different, for example, people with white skin can use the mode of high energy density, so professional doctors And the technician will tailor the personalized hair removal program. If the energy density is too high, it will cause skin burns, erosion and even scarring.

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