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It takes a few times for laser hair removal to be clean and silky?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

It is also a hot hair removal season for a year. When it comes to hair removal, laser hair removal is of course the right choice, but laser hair removal needs to be completely removed 3-5 times, and the number of parts is different. What do you need to do to completely eliminate the hair?

 The effect of laser hair removal is very clear. The main principle is that the light beam emitted by the laser machine penetrates the surface layer of the skin and directly acts on the hair follicle, effectively destroying the hair follicle, so that the hair can not be regenerated, achieving the effect of complete hair removal, and no damage to the surrounding normal tissue. Therefore, the laser will not re-grow after the hair removal.

Note: All laser hair removal processes are only possible when the hair is in the growth phase. Because of the physiological characteristics of hair, it is necessary to treat it multiple times.

Hair is divided into three periods:

Hair growth has a growth phase, a degenerative phase, and a rest period. The maternal cells of the hair during the growth period divide rapidly, and the melanin is more sensitive in this period, so it is sensitive to laser light. Therefore, the laser hair removal is mainly completed during this period, and the hair matrix is degraded and the nipple is atrophied during the degenerative period.

During the resting period, the hair follicle is separated from the dermal papilla, and the hair is detached. It is not sensitive to laser light during the period of retreat and rest, and it does not destroy the hair follicle.

In general, 60%-70% of hair can be removed 3 times; the remaining hair after 5 treatments is generally small and clear.

The effect of hair removal: mane, bikini, limbs, hairline, phlegm, lip hair. During the treatment period, it is not allowed to scrape or pluck the hair by itself, because the shaving and pulling will stimulate the growth of the hair and affect the effect. The treatment interval is strictly limited to about 1 month, depending on the location, slightly different.

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