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What are the precautions for laser hair removal?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

1. Scratch the visible skin on the skin first.

The laser is like a precise sniper, with a special bullet (wavelength), aiming at a target (melanin), while the surrounding passers-by, the other tissues and structures of the skin, are unaffected.

Because of the absorption of light energy by melanin, it is necessary to shave the hair in the hair removal area before surgery. Otherwise, the local skin will have a burning sensation due to the absorption of a large amount of energy on the epidermis, and even cause pigmentation in severe cases, which not only increases the pain of treatment, but also affects the therapeutic effect because the hair follicle melanin absorbs less light energy.

The skin after shaving of the hair will greatly reduce the pain during treatment.

2. Need to complete a full course of treatment

Some friends may have only performed 2, 3 times, or even 1 treatment, but did not complete the entire treatment. Will this lead to the growth of hair?

The answer is: no more hair will be caused to rebound, thicker, but the treatment will be covered.

Only one treatment, the destruction is only the hair follicles in the growing season, some of which have been unable to grow the terminal hair; but due to a limited therapeutic effect, as time progresses, the hair follicles in the stationary phase and the degenerative phase enter the growth. In addition, due to the safety range of laser energy, the hair follicles in the growth period cannot be completely destroyed during the first treatment, and it seems that the hair density will approach the original state.

Therefore, if you only have 1 or 2 treatments, if you want to continue treatment after half a year, you still have to start from scratch.

3. Before laser hair removal, you need to prepare

Avoid sun exposure in the hair removal area, use sunscreen for more than 2 weeks;

Clean the skin of the hair removal area, remove the surface oil, shave the hair (scratch the knife, stick to the root of the hair to scrape, pay attention to prevent scratching);

People who are particularly sensitive to pain can have topical anesthesia in advance, such as topical lidocaine cream.

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