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How To Judge The Quality Of The Laser Hair Removal Device?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

There are two reasons for this:

One: the hair follicles are mostly bundled together in three groups, opening in the same pore. One of the hairs in the pores is the hair that grows in one of the three hair follicles below it, so one treatment can only destroy one. A hair follicle in the group.

Two: The hair is divided into three periods, namely the growth period, the regression period, and the stationary period. During the growth period, the hair melanin is the most, and the energy emitted by the laser instrument can only destroy the hair follicles in the growing period, and has no obvious effect on the hair in the degenerative and stationary phases. Only when these hairs are transferred into the growth phase, the laser can function, so laser hair removal needs After multiple treatments, the effect can be obvious.

Treatment interval

At present, most scholars believe that the treatment interval should be adjusted according to the hair growth cycle of different parts. If the hair of the hair removal part has a short stationary period, the treatment interval can be shortened, and the treatment interval needs to be elongated. However, some current studies suggest that shorter treatment intervals are more effective, usually once a month.

Skin type, hair condition, and part of the person seeking beauty

The lighter the skin color of the beauty seeker, and the darker and thicker the hair, the better the hair removal effect.

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