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Is Laser Hair Removal Suitable For Everyone?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Let's take a look at the principle of laser hair removal:

The high-energy beam enters the skin, and the dark hair follicle hair tissue in the skin absorbs more light, generates more heat, causes damage, and reduces hair growth. The light-colored cell tissue in the skin can only absorb a small amount of light, generating a small amount of heat, which is not enough to cause damage.

In other words, laser hair removal must work to meet such conditions.

Hair follicle hair parts - the color is deep

Other parts of the skin - lighter

In other cases, the laser hair removal effect will not be very good, such as light skin, hair color is also shallow; or dark skin, hair color is also very deep.

So, when you want to do laser hair removal, first look at whether it is suitable for you. If the hair is dark in color and light in skin color, it is more suitable.

Laser hair removal

There are two kinds of light used for hair removal.

1) Laser

2) Glare

However, we generally use lasers to collectively refer to it. We don't have to deliberately remember the difference between laser and glare. In fact, the effects of these two types of light hair removal are similar, and the specific differences are reflected in some details of light parameters.

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