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Is The Home Laser Hair Removal Device Effective? What Is The Ratio To The Hospital?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Black heat absorption

Have you noticed such a phenomenon: Under the hot sun, if you wear dark or black clothes, you will feel hotter, while wearing light or white clothes will be less hot.

Conversely, in the warm winter sun, wearing dark or black clothes, the surface of the clothes will be warmer, and the light clothes will be less warm.

Yes, this is a common sense of life. Dark objects can absorb more energy from light and turn into heat, while light objects can only absorb a small amount of energy, and the amount of heat converted is much less.

Simplified into such a sentence

Black (dark) absorbs more light and generates more heat

White (light) absorbs less light and generates less heat

This is the principle of selective endothermic, there are many widely used applications, the laser hair removal we are going to say today is the principle of utilization.

Choose endotherm

People on the earth have different skin colors and different hair colors.

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