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Is There Any Use For The Laser Hair Removal Device?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

In the hot summer days, the best place to watch the street is hot pants, short skirts and long legs. But when we expose more limbs, we often face an embarrassing problem:

Hairy hair.

A stressful person cannot tolerate this!

Today we will talk about laser hair removal and the feasibility of a home hair removal device.

There are many lasers that can be used clinically for hair removal. They all use one principle: selective photothermal action.

As we mentioned in the crazy burners, different light has different target tissues:

When we want to burn a scorpion, we choose a laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm because it can vaporize the water in the tissue and burn the entire tissue;

When we want to close an expanded red blood cell, we choose a pulsed dye laser with a wavelength of 585/595 nm because it can be absorbed by hemoglobin and the excess blood vessel is welded.

So when we want to destroy a hair follicle, what should we target?

The answer is: melanin.

It’s very reasonable to listen to it, yes, our hair is black, because there is melanin inside! But in fact, there is a problem here: there are no hair follicles in the growing season, there is no melanin inside, so you can't hit them. This is why hair removal has to be done many times. You have to wait for the part of the hair follicle that is in the period of retreat and rest to wake up and start to assemble melanin to start work. Then you can blow it up by bombing its stock.

Well, only 70% of the hair follicles in the growing season are OK, and it’s a big deal. Then let's choose a laser to get rid of them. How many wavelengths are you choosing?

 This is a graph showing the peak absorption of light by hemoglobin, melanin and water. As you can see, in fact, light from 200-1200 nm can be absorbed by melanin. In this range, the longer the wavelength, the lower the absorption. Is that the shorter the wavelength I choose, the better?

The answer is: no.

Reason 1: In the range of visible light, the shorter the wavelength, the shallower the depth of penetration in the skin. To a certain extent, the depth of the hair follicle is not enough. In particular, the terminal hair of the mane and leg hair, their Hair follicles are very deep and sometimes reach the subcutaneous fat layer.

Reason 2: The melanin in our body is not only in the hair follicle, but also in the epidermis. We have repeatedly used science, melanocytes are located on the epidermis, and tirelessly produce melanin, which supplies hair and spreads into the epidermis. So if you choose a light that is strongly absorbed by melanin, not only will the hair follicles be burnt, but the epidermis will also be burnt.

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