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It Is Important To Choose A Hair Removal Device
- Jul 17, 2018 -

There are 2 important parameters, it is necessary to be familiar with it, it is very important for us to choose the hair removal device.

1) Light exit

Relatively speaking, the laser exit area is small, which means that laser hair removal takes longer for the same area of skin.

The glare (IPL) has a relatively large light exit area, which is suitable for large-area hair removal and is suitable for people who lack patience.

2) Wavelength

Low-energy short-wavelength intense light (IPL) can be absorbed by the retinal pigment in the posterior part of the eye. After the temperature rises, it can cause permanent eye damage. From eye safety, strong light (IPL) should be selected >550nm.

The wavelength of the filter can be easily determined from the color of the filter. The filters of the short-wavelength epilator are yellow or even yellow-green, such as silk'n infinity, flash go, etc., Philips 198XBRI86x, Tis, Pandora , iskin, MLAY, smoothskin, Braun, Panasonic, yaman, etc.

The orange or red filter is safer and has better clinical and theoretical hair removal effects. For example, iluminage and Philips 2009 are orange, iLIGHT is red, and home lasers are all 810nm single wavelength, which belongs to the red range.

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