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Make A Summary Of The Household Hair Removal Device
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Ok, let's summarize the home laser hair removal equipment:

1) Who is it for?

For people with light skin and dark hair, the hair removal effect is relatively good.

People with dark skin have a higher probability of skin damage.

People with light hair, basically have no effect

2) Orange and red light are safer

The wavelength of the home laser is 810nm, which belongs to the red range, such as tria, silkpro

Home glare belongs to orange light, red light is iluminage, Philips 2009, iLight

3) The hair removal effect is inferior to the hospital professional equipment

The household hair removal device can temporarily delay and reduce hair growth, and can only cause damage to the hair follicle. After deactivation, the hair will slowly grow back. The professional hair removal equipment of the hospital can permanently remove hair.

4) side effects

Light is one of the objects that the skin needs to defend. The light of the household hair removal device has an unknown effect on the skin. The side effect that can be seen is that the skin may be red and may have a tingling sensation. Invisible side effects can cause damage to normal cells. So, if you see it, you will receive it.

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