Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

Parameter Cavitation working theory It creates an effect like internal Explosion. It means that the expansion and compression of wave produce a lot of tiny space inside the liquid. The gas and vapour exist in these tiny space. In the compression cycle, supersonic wave impose a positive pressure...

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AC220v/110v 50-60Hz 

output power


output ultrasonic



break up fat cells, slimming body

Wooden case size




2 polar rf handle

Eye treat

3 polar rf handle

Face treat

4 polar rf with vacuum handle

Body treat

6 polar rf handle

Body treat

40KHz ultrasound cavitation handle

Break up fat cells

Product introduction:

Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine produces an internal explosion effect. This means that the expansion and compression of the wave creates a lot of tiny space inside the liquid. Gas and steam are present in these tiny spaces. In the compression cycle, the ultrasonic waves apply a positive pressure to the liquid molecules and a negative pressure through the expansion cycle. There is a cohesive effect inside the liquid or biological tissue. In low-density fat cells, the coagulation effect is relatively weak. The negative pressure is relatively low and tissue gaps can be easily produced. It is called cadology in physics. The explosion effect inside and outside the cell increases the molecular motion, thereby achieving a high energy state, which in turn leads to cracking of the fat cells.

RF working theory:

Multi polar radio frequency can deep dissolve fat and the multi pole  head auxiliary work on the skin and effective heat cellulite, promote fat tissue metabolism and achieve beautiful body in a comfortable process.

Product features:

1. This Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine can be liposuction by ultrasonic. The powerful ultrasound generated by the machine at work can directly enter the fat layer and quickly vibrate deep cellulite. This kind of ultrasound will cause numerous vacuum balloons to be created in the fat layer, which will hit the fat cells in a large amount and cause internal cracking to dissolve into free fatty acids.

2. The radio frequency generated by this Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine is a kind of high-frequency electromagnetic wave, which can penetrate the dermis and subcutaneous tissue through the fat layer to bring heat into the deep skin to accelerate the regeneration and reconstruction of the deep tissue of the skin.

3. RF generates energy through the impedance of the skin, which can increase the temperature of the fat layer in a short period of time. This heat also acts on the collagen in the dermis. The collagen in the dermis shrinks immediately after the temperature rises and the new collagen proliferates, resulting in skin pull, improved pigmentation, skin whitening and wrinkle removal.

Product functions:

1. 2 polar rf handle for eye treat

2. 3 polar rf handle for face treat

3  polar rf with vacuum handle
4. 6 polar rf handle for body treat
5. 40KHz ultrasound cavitation handle to  break up fat cells


1. Freeze fat and remove cellulite to achieve body sculpting effect.

2. Rejuvenate, tighten skin, and remove wrinkles.

3. Improve and treat orange peel of adipose tissue of different severity.

4. Circulate and activate cells to promote metabolism, so that more than 100% collagen and elastin can be obtained to improve facial and body skin.

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